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Australian-made security doors custom-made for your home.

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Enhance Your Home's Security with Custom-Fit Security Doors

Illusion Flyscreens and Security Doors offers a host of superior security door solutions, customised to an exact fit for your doorframes. The result? A safer, more secure home for you and your family. Our Australian-made security doors are measured and installed by our expert team, serving homeowners across Melbourne's Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs. Trust us for premium security solutions that stand the test of time

The Benefits of Security Doors

Security doors bring a range of benefits to your home. With custom design and fit solutions from Illusion you can effectively:

  • Safeguard yourself and loved ones in your home
  • Fortify your property and belongings
  • Prevent break-ins and theft
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Enjoy fresh air breezing gently through your home
  • Rest easy that your home is bolstered by robust protection

Illusion security doors even keep out intruders of the insect variety. So, you can enjoy your home without uninvited creepy crawlies joining in the fun.

Quality Security Door Construction

Materials are nine-tenths of security door performance. Illusion security doors offer options including:

  • Stainless steel mesh: marine grade 316 pre-treated and powder coated to the highest quality available for enduring resilience and corrosion-free performance
  • One-way vision mesh: One-way vision security mesh for enhanced privacy and protection whilst maintaining outward visibility
  • Perforated Mesh: Perforated mesh is a solid aluminium mesh with evenly spaced holes, offering airflow, visibility and security. Ideal for oversized doors and windows
  • Aluminium mesh and frames: the great all-rounder combining superior strength, beauty and flexibility. Enjoy unparalleled clarity of vision too.
  • Diamond grill security doors: an exceptional visual deterrent to burglars that follows through with vigour of recyclable aluminium. Choose one-way mesh, hinged or sliding configurations - even a 3-point safety lock for ultimate intruder exclusion.

Don't risk paying the price for insufficient security or theft deterrence. 

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Can security doors be broken into?

These doors are engineered to offer greater resistance against forced entry compared to standard doors, typically incorporating sturdier materials, reinforced frames, and secure locking mechanisms. It's crucial to acknowledge that while security doors provide enhanced protection, no security measure is entirely impervious, and determined intruders may still discover vulnerabilities to gain access.

What are the benefits of installing a security door?

Installing a security door offers several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced security: Security doors are designed to withstand forced entry attempts, making it difficult for burglars to break in.
  • Deterrent: One of the biggest benefits of security doors is the visual deterrent to burglars as they will be more likely to attempt break in where there is no security door at all.
  • Increased safety: They provide an additional layer of protection for your home or business, helping to keep your family, employees, or assets safe.
  • Energy efficiency: Many security doors are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Durability: Security doors are built to last, with materials and construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions and wear over time.
  • Privacy and safety when answering door: if you choose 'one way vision' you can safely answer the door for deliveries, door knockers etc as you have an extra barrier between them and yourself.

Read more about the benefits of security doors in our blog post.

Are security doors customisable to match my property's aesthetics?

Yes, Illusionoffer a variety of styles, finishes, and designs to match the aesthetic of your property. You can choose from different colours, patterns, and materials to ensure that the security door complements your existing decor and architectural style. Some security doors can even be customised with decorative elements while maintaining their strength and security features.

Read our guide to choosing the right security door for your home.

Do security doors require maintenance?

Security doors are designed to be low maintenance, but they may still benefit from occasional upkeep. Routine maintenance may include cleaning, lubricating locks and hinges, and inspecting for any signs of wear or damage. Proper maintenance can ensure that your security door continues to function effectively and last for many years. Manufacturers typically provide guidelines for maintaining their specific security door models.

Read our blog post on how to clean & maintain your security door

Can security doors be installed on any type of entryway?

Security doors are versatile and can be installed on various types of entryways, including front doors, back doors, sliding glass doors, and even windows. However, the suitability of a security door for a particular entryway depends on factors such as the door's size, the frame's structure, and the surrounding architecture. All of our security doors are measured by one of our technicians and custom built in our factory to suit your exact requirements.

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Reviews on Our Security Screen Doors

Very pleased with this team attending to my call for a screen door with pet mesh, for an outdoors patio area. Mat did a brilliant job on the install, and James and the girls in the office had great communication. Would highly recommend, price was cheaper than others, but not lacking in quality. Well matched in colour too.

Daphne - Security Door

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